L is for the way you look at me….

Today is Tuesday.  At least to me it’s Tuesday.  I would even go as far as saying that it is February 14, 2012.  However, I would not say “it is Valentine’s Day!”  February 14th every year has been labeled as a “holiday”, but really, can it even be considered a holiday?  I personally don’t consider this day an actual holiday.  While there are people out there that will say that today is the holiday in which you celebrate love, I believe it’s a load of crap.  It’s a bit ridiculous how Valentine’s Day is getting almost as much attention as Christmas when it comes to giving cards and gifts and spending money.  Valentine’s Day should not be considered a “holiday.”  It’s just a reason for card companies to make money and guys to get some because they bought their girl flowers, candy, a giant bear, holding a heart that says “I love you bear-y much!” and a sappy card with a cutesy love poem inside that he had to buy since they couldn’t express in their own words how much they love their girlfriend, or wife, or crush, or girl on the side, etc.

This is why I get annoyed with Valentine’s Day: single girls.  The girls who sit around and mope on Valentine’s Day, and whine about how they have nobody to buy them flowers, or nobody to kiss, or nobody to treat them like princesses, or nobody to spoil them and instead they sit around their house with ice cream and cheeseburgers, watching love movies and crying to themselves because they are single.  Just stop it.  Valentine’s Day is a joke.  You’re single.  So what?  Do you get depressed and eat ice cream and cheeseburgers and cry while watching sad movies every other day of the year?  No.  You’re either out hooking up with random guys, finding a man in an appropriate day, or just not caring that you’re single and focusing on your life outside of the love aspect.  There are more important things to worry about than not having a boyfriend to spoil you on Valentine’s Day.  So, instead of whining and consuming 4x as many calories as you normally would on every other day (because, it’s just another Tuesday!), maybe you should put that energy into something productive.  Do homework.  Clean your house.  Wash your car.  Exercise.  Breathe, maybe.  It’s not the end of the world.  In fact, you’re just wasting time an energy complaining about being single on Valentine’s Day, because quite honestly, nobody cares.  They don’t pity you.  If anything, you’re annoying them.

Then you have those girls who demand something extravagant for Valentine’s Day.  They don’t want just flowers and a card because that is just not good enough.  If he really loved her, he’d get her jewelry! Or a new coach purse! Or something really expensive!  Or… maybe that man or yours didn’t have to get you anything.  This guy has a job and works really hard for all of this money he has.  Flowers are not cheap, and they die.  Yes, they die, which is another reason why girls may want something better than flowers.  However, let’s consider this.  You know how you go to the movies, and spend $11.50 to sit in a movie theater for two hours, so really, all your money was spent on two hours of enjoyment?  It kind of feels like you wasted it, right?  Especially if the movie wasn’t too great.  Now, back to flowers.  This man of yours spent quite a few hours a day working hard, and he decides to spend $50, $60, $7, sometimes a lot more, on flowers for you for Valentine’s Day.  He knows they will die in a week.  He knows he “wasted” way too much money on 5-10 days of enjoyment.  However, he spent that money on you, because he knew that you’d like them.  Because they are pretty.  Because they smell nice.  Because they are pink and purple (your favorite colors).  Because they are flowers and all women love getting flowers, no matter what the occasion!  The problem with this is, he is not obligated to buy you flowers. Or candy.  Or a card.  Or take you out to dinner.  Valentine’s Day is not a gift-giving holiday.  It is a manufactured day, by the card companies, with the reason of “celebrating love” so that they can make some money in between Christmas, Easter and the season for graduations.  Ladies, you should not expect anything out of your man on Valentine’s Day.  If he buys you flowers, or takes you out to dinner, that is super nice.  He has no obligation to do anything for you on a made-up holiday, but he does.  If he doesn’t do anything for you on Valentine’s Day, who cares.  It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.  You’re still with him, so that obviously means he’s doing something right.  Does he buy you dinner when you go out together in the middle of August?  Does he say ‘I love you’ to you at 3:30 in the afternoon on any other given day?  Then, that’s what matters.

Love should not be designated to one day.  Share your love with each other on every day of the year if you really love each other.  What happened to two people doing nice things for each other randomly because they love each other?  Being in a relationship myself, I would not be upset by not getting a card on V-Day.  I think it’s better to get flowers ‘just because’ or be told you’re loved every day in the morning or at night.  What’s wrong with a guy saying “hey, it’s a Friday night.  Let’s get dinner!” Then he can buy you dinner then, just because.  Or maybe she will buy dinner, just because.  The ‘just because’ gifts and dinners and cutesy exchanges of love are better than Valentine’s Day.  They are more meaningful because they aren’t expected.

The real question is, why is there one day that is supposed to be the ultimate day, the celebration of love?  Doesn’t every couple already have that day? A day that celebrates love?  Isn’t that what an anniversary is for?  Have your own designated day through a year (or two, of five) mark, not on February 14.  Do things ‘just because.’


By kristinandmore

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    Every person should take a read. This sums up my feelings on this stupid day and I am glad there are others who agree with me…even girls.

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